Boys 2 Men, No Power Anywhere, The Ness of Brodgar

Being a man.

I think the scariest thing of all is that there isn’t an overarching world conspiracy, rather that no one is really in control. Rory Stewart agrees:

“But in our situation we’re all powerless. I mean, we pretend we’re run by people. We’re not run by anybody. The secret of modern Britain is there is no power anywhere.” Some commentators, he says, think we’re run by an oligarchy. “But we’re not. I mean, nobody can see power in Britain. The politicians think journalists have power. The journalists know they don’t have any. Then they think the bankers have power. The bankers know they don’t have any. None of them have any power.”

A neolithic site that may be more important than Stonehenge, The Ness of Brodgar.