A piece of Art as big as India

Building a static landscape

After selecting the technical components and doing some research into the form of the sculpture, the next step is to start building the sculpture.

Keeping in mind the MVP principles that I set out at the beginning of the project, the first step was to duplicate some static demonstrations of A-Frame and publish them to the web.

As I’ve already started a GitHub repository to be able to share my code research and the eventual final project, it made sense to use GitHub Pages to be able to create static webpages to begin my experimentation with A-Frame.

Following the Github Page tutorial for creating a Project Site from scratch, I created a new file called ‘index.html’, and copied the index.html code from the A-Frame Boilerplate project, and then enabled the GitHub pages option in the settings of the project.


Now that I have a demo file going, the next step is to get a static landscape building in A-Frame. I have previously selected two components that looked like they would be a good fit:

  1. HeightGrid Component by andreasplesch
  2. Terrain Model Component by bryik

Starting with the HeightGrid component I had to create more than one GitHub page, so made the root of my GitHub Pages the docs/ folder, and made a new index.html file as well as an attempt at the basic HeightGrid demo.

After downloading both complete projects, I copied them into my docs/ folder. You can view the list of demos here. Unfortunately, both the HeightGrid demos are currently broke, but all the Terrain Model Component demos work fine:

Olympic Peninsula Terrain Model Success
Olympic Peninsula Terrain Model Success