Daito Manabe, Y’all So Stupid and PTAM

Daito Manabe is an artist from Japan. He caught my attention recently with his facial animations and new take on body popping. A wealth of videos are available at his YouTube site.

Y’all so stupid is the creation of Devin Flynn. The intro graphics alone justify admittance.

Finally, PTAM (Parallel Tracking And Mapping) is a technology from Oxford University that allows three dimensional data to be gleaned from a two dimensional input. I have been involved in projects using custom 3D cameras when I worked at UnitedVisualArtists, and am fascinated to see how much can be done with more conventional systems.

A related pair of projects:

A research project from Adobe and the University of Washington, all to do with how to use this kind of technology to edit videos in some intriguing ways.

A great Google Tech Talk, entitled “Simple interactive 3D modeling for all“.

The possibilties for new interfaces are obvious, I am particularly interested in applying them to experiences and art installations. Imagine combining these technologies with the projection tek behind projects like Laser Tag.