Environment Sampling, making books with GitHub, Illusion Houses and seeing through walls with Wifi

I’ve noticed the trend of Environment Sampling recently.

Peder Norrby is the man behind the flickr album and the founder of Trapcode. I’ve always wanted to do environment sampling in the real world – projecting cities on to forests or waterfalls onto skyscrapers.

Coudal Partners have been doing similar things, but transporting the night sky.

People are making collaborative books on GitHub now.

An Illusion House in London that samples the very local environment.

More tracking of movement through WiFi – “WiVi”.

More brilliance from the team at Marshmallow Laser Feast. I’m sure they were under alot of pressure to do another “pretty thing with drones and lasers”, but they did a brilliant collaboration with Richard Dawkins instead – still with some lasers though. Natch.