Firepad, Bad time to buy a House, Design is One, Muscle Shoals, Glitch Architecture

Firepad is an open source collaborative code and text editor. It would be interesting to take the principles behind it and transform it into a video rather than text based workflow, for chaining effects and layering content.

“We were all corrupted by the housing boom, to some extent. People talked endlessly about how their houses were earning more than they did, never asking where all this free money was coming from. Well the truth is that it was being stolen from the next generation. Houses price increases don’t produce wealth, they merely transfer it from the young to the old – from the coming generation of families who have to burden themselves with colossal debts if they want to own, to the baby boomers who are about to retire and live on the cash they make when they downsize.”

It’s a bad time to buy an expensive house. (Does this hold true for the madness that is London?)

“The first fifty are very difficult…the second are great!”

“I wanted to affect the lives of millions of people”

Design is One. A film about Lella & Massimo Vignelli.

“What is it about Muscle Shoals? It’s just a little place.”


“I’m an Architect: I break things on purpose.”

Nitzan Bartov glitches architecture.


There are visual echo’s of Sir John Soane’s designs for the Bank of England – and that he presented the site in ruins as well as it would be when it was freshly constructed.