Looking for help at the upcoming Kinecthack London Event

James Bentley of Hellicar&Lewis and I are planning to attend the upcoming Kinecthack London event.

We’ll be working on an upcoming open source installation for the Circulate project – “Remembering The Future”. We’ll be challenging young people from five areas of London to come up with costumes and architecture of the future.

We are planning to build an app that allows for Kinect V2 skeletons to be augmented with 3D content in real time – and we need help to make it happen! This app will then be installed in five locations over the summer of 2015, with workshops to make content proceeding them.

As mentioned before, the project will be completely open sourced – our aim is to make a complete workflow from 3D asset creation to augmenting the skeleton and fixed background in real time. We’ll be using openFrameworks throughout.