Hillbilly Tracking, How to build a Mind, Six Landscapes and Policing the Romantic Crowd

The annual Chaos Communication Congress has just finished and it was full of good. My highlights:

Travis Goodspeed – “Hillbilly Tracking of Low Earth Orbit”. Also an interesting because of PostgreSQL as a way of sharing data between many different small applications or daemons.

Joscha Bach – “How to Build a Mind – Artificial Intelligence Reloaded”. He believes that the building of AI’s should be a big cultural project – and that Companies and organisations will be AI’s in the end.

Trevor Paglen – “Seeing The Secret State: Six Landscapes”.

Richard and Anne Marggraf Turley – “Policing the Romantic Crowd”.

“Both live 20k north of Aberporth, Wales, UK, where Europe’s only test facility for civilian and military drones is situated”.