Hosting OF via Compute Engine, What is Digital Art, Glitchspace

A new program for art supported by Google. I wonder if openFrameworks can be deployed via Compute Engine?

“The real artists of today will not find favour with us, or with our institutions, maybe not even in their own lifetime, because their work is not for us. It is for our great grandchildren. That said, I will still be happy when no one talks about ‘digital art’ or ‘digital culture’. For, when today’s intimidating technology seems as natural as a pen or a camera, we’ll know we’re on our way to finding our own Stravinskys and Duchamps, and that the cycle is repeating itself.”

Good article on “Digital Art” by Tom Uglow of Google.

“The red glitch blocks aren’t formed to serve you. They’re unfinished, or possibly corrupt, pulsing and fragmenting uncontrollably. You’re armed with a programming gun that brings up a drag-and-drop interface of commands, objects, and functions. These are the tools you use to manipulate the glitch blocks.”

I want a programming gun too.