James George & Bruce Sterling and the Wellspring and Orgone

I saw my friend James George talk at FutureEverything, mainly about his work on making three dimensional video tools for his Clouds documentary.

He spoke about a meeting with Bruce Sterling where Sterling dismissed coupling of Kinect and DLSR as a “hamster” – cute, fun to play with, but with an ultimately short life span. He suggested James aim for wellsprings – areas that just keep giving.

I happened upon Sterling’s keynote for Vimeo via a Wired article:

“Obsolete before Plateau” is a challenge for many platforms and technologies. I also can’t wait to use the camera that he describes. I wonder how far away it is? Just an electron devourer, able to compute angles and views at any time. It’s interesting to hear Sterling talk about his writing as design fiction – and even more interesting to hear that James George takes it as a challenge.

Finally, an interesting snippet from Mick Farren while discussing the Motorhead Album “Ace of Spades” – I’d never heard of Orgone before, but was pleased that my Devo hat that I have at home is an accumulator of the mythical substance.