Kart Analysis, Quickfire, Meta AR and Space Glasses

Not Cart Analysis – Kart Analysis!

Dave Pacheco posted a fascinating article on how he analysed many hours of Mario Kart 64 playing at his office to gain some insight into such a classic game.

The most interesting thing for me wasn’t the subject matter, but rather the thought of doing large scale Computer Vision based analysis in the cloud.

In the new BBC News 24 countdown video that they use on the hour, half hour and quarter hour, I noticed an email to an strange address – “Quickfire”. What is Quickfire? Turns out it’s an application made by a company called Media219 Ltd:

“Media219 was involved in producing the flagship BBC Quickfire application for filing and displaying text from mobile devices.

News is filed via email or text and the system enables much of the information to go live with little or no production process.

It was used very successfully during the Chilean Miner’s Rescue and provided depth to the story that would not have been achieved otherwise.”

Meta seems to be the augmented reality company that many people think Google Glass is. Space Glasses are available for pre order now.