Kirby, Looking Back, Scrivener, Interviewly and The Setup

A file based CMS called Kirby. Not cheap!

Behind the scenes of the “Looking Back” Facebook videos. An interesting blend of cloud engineering and graphic design.

“I’m just finishing my first novel to be written 100% inside Scrivener, but about the past four wouldn’t have worked properly without it.”

Charlie Stross uses Scrivener. I discovered this via two of my favourite sites of the moment: 1) the setup and 2) interviewly – both the future of editorial in my opinion. One is all based around that need to know about the tools that people use, and the other about skinning IAmA into a more readable format.

When asked about coding in the british classroom:

“Python or Scheme instead of BBC BASIC. Also: focus on updating the maths curriculum to support it, e.g. with boolean algebra, set theory, number bases, and so on.”