Lewis on Watz on Harger on Bishop

Bishop seems to be saying that Digital Art hasn’t happened, that digital technologies have been used, but the areas explored were already considered during the previous, analogue age. Harger writes in “Why Contemporary Art Fails to come to grips with digital – a response to Claire Bishop” – states early on that she will ignore “New Media” art from artists like Lozano Hemmer, Trevor Paglen and Cory Archangel, which seems a little bizarre to say the least. Bishop also states that code is “alien to human perception” – but humans write it! Watz, in his his comments on 2/10/2012 makes several points, 1) mainstream art hates media art (a horrible name) 2) commercial art market is nostalgic 3) contemporary art is wilfully anachronistic 3) Bishop isn’t ignorant, but doesn’t know the area.