Reactickles 3

Making the Fountain part of the physics simulation and creating a suite of Reactickles

After trying and failing to get a triangle to represent the fountain in KeyboardFountain, I reverted to using a rectangle, which functions nicely.

The new sketch can be seen here.

After talking to Wendy, we agreed that the next step was to get all the individual sketches working in a suite.

I created a new folder to contain the suite: Reactickles3, and started by trying to run KeyboardScalingCircleGrid within a larger p5.js sketch.

I created a new sketch.js in the Reactickles3 folder and copied KeyboardScalingCircleGrid.js into the same folder. After making the entire KeyboardScalingCircleGrid a class of its own, I was able to call its setup, draw and keyTyped methods from within my main sketch.js.

With that functioning, I started to test other Reactickles in this new structure, starting with KeyboardWorm, followed by MouseWorm, KeyboardSpringyCircles, MouseSpringyCircles, KeyboardSquares and finally KeyboardFountain.

Once those were working, I created an array of those Reactickles as well as a main menu screen and a return to main menu button. There are still some bugs in the system, but I’m going to save those for the next session.