Maurice Benayoun and Parrhasius, November 22 1963, Mr. Huxley and Maps

Maurice Benayoun thinks that Parrhasius was the first Interactive Artist.

I’ve always been fascinated by JFK, Errol Morris and Tink Thompson are too. I remember doing a fifteen minute presentation on the assassination when I was at IBM before Imperial. I even had a pointer.

A stabilised shot.

John Naughton writes in the Guardian on “Aldous Huxley: the prophet of our brave new digital dystopia”. Which reminded me of Stuart McMillen’s comic adaptation of Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death. You can find the original comic here.

I loved drawing maps as a boy, of treasure and dens and labyrinths. The Workers have just created a delicious website for the new book “Where You Are” by Visual Editions.