Neck snaps in Occulus Rift, Coding Fonts, Proportion and the Amiga

I’ve been playing for the Oculus Rift for some time – it’s obvious that the first killer (low hanging fruit) app will be some kind of dogfighting game. Eve Online has been experimenting with a cut down version of it’s multiplayer engine – limited in time and number of players. Richard Cobbett posits an interesting future where necks could be snapped by wily players.

It looks like we are going to be stuck with text editing for making code for a while – which are the best fonts for programming?

My first home computer was an Amiga. I asked for one for years from my parents before they finally relented – first a 500+ and then a 1200 with 120 Mb(!) of hard drive space. Mind blowing. Ars have done a brilliant history of the Amiga, with a particularly great post on the demo scene.

Finally, a bit of perspective on this whole day by day thing. The proportion of a day to some other significant events or periods in the history of the universe.