Non Incremental Change, Vortex Surfing, The Arrow of Time and What Happens When Vine Starts Streaming Live?

Burst of notes by me:

If you want to do non incremental change you have to use the tools of tomorrow. Big data with computer vision is it. Clothes matching apps are just the start. Guardian today. Most of the public can only handle little ideas incremental. Technologists reject too. Intel and Motorola rejected it. Programmers rejected it too. Object orientated that weren’t object orientated in the 90’s. C++ isn’t. The cache of labels. Designer jeans guitar hero syndrome. Humans hate learning curves. Marketing hate even more. Not just themselves. My difficulty with Nike is that they want an idea that is already perfectly tested. Cave person would be satisfied. Something that in our genes that makes it interesting. Would the bike be accepted if it was invented today. Regular world is a low pass filter. iPad doesn’t have a help or an undo. 5 % idea tools. 85% care about other opinions. 1% inner idea tools if you combine too. Human universal things – hardly have to be marketed if you want to make money. The ghost – the stuff that’s here in the dark. We are hallucinating  the whole time. Size illusion with thumbs at double distance. Seems the same size. What the ghost knows and the dream is seeing is the mix. What is in our ghost is important! Normal means almost asleep. And we don’t even think we are. E.g. you can just dick around with Linux all day – it’s just a bunch of bad ideas, but it feels useful. Reading and writing is hard. Model based science. Democracy. Equal rights. Perspective drawing. Progress! Only 18th century did progress get invented. Are hard things. Ford made engines. Leonard’s couldn’t. Ford innovator. Leonardo inventor. Mostly knowledge dominates IQ. Issac Newton changed the context of how humans think. A new way of thinking. Unimaginable amount comes from Newton Silicon Valley. Present is least important time we live in! Now is just a construction. That’s how USA got built. We don’t need a king. Screw the present. The past opens up. Let’s us look at more history and also new present. Sample past to make vision to combust to make new things. Problem solving is what we are built to do. Problem finding is what you want to do. Finding good problems. Wayne Gretzky did this. 30 year Wayne Gretzky curve. Put the puck 30 years out. It’s just something that would be cool or important to have. In 1968 thought laptop and pad computers were inevitable. Because it’s 30 years out. What would that be 10-15 years out? Hmmm. How do we get hardware and software for a new kind of thing. You can get that by paying. Moores law in reverse, double every year from now for cost. Alto was that machine. That cost in the future.  80,000 machine in 1983. UI in experiments. Need to do 100,000 of experiments to get good UI. Didn’t need to optimise. Drink beer and experiment. Didn’t save code!

“The United States Air Force (USAF) is taking flying lessons from geese and spiny lobsters. This may seem like the mother of all bureaucratic errors, but there’s actually some pretty solid science behind it. In exploiting a phenomenon known as “vortex surfing,” the USAF has found that by having C-17 cargo planes flying in formation, it can reduce fuel consumption by up to ten percent.”

Finally, we can understand why a cup of coffee equilibrates in a room,” said Tony Short, a quantum physicist at Bristol. “Entanglement builds up between the state of the coffee cup and the state of the room.”

What happens when Vine starts streaming live?