Oblong & Art+Com releasing code, Squama: Modular Visibility

Last week I met with my old friend from CRD days at the RCA,  Jussi Ängeslevä.  Jussi has been working for Art+Com for a few years now, and he drew my attention to two open source software projects that have emerged from A+C in recent years – Y60 and Creative Computing.

Kate Hollenbach of Oblong recently announced the release of greenhouse:

“Oblong’s SDK for creating gestural, spatial, multi-screen interactive systems. Internally, we’ve done a lot thinking about physical space, screens, gesture, and input devices, but we haven’t yet shared that openly with the world. Greenhouse is our first step toward sharing what we do with developers and creative coders outside of our own walls.”

Jussi also pointed me in the direction of the delicious Squama project: “Modular Visibility Control of Walls and Windows for Programmable Physical Architectures”.