The Incredible Secret Money Making Machine, Half time on Anything and Zach Gage

“If you are willing to build your business on expertise, you can make a living instead of making a fortune — and occasionally the fortune comes anyway.”

So says Kevin Kelly reviewing the “The Incredible Secret Money Making Machine” by Don Lancaster. Keeping small, keeping nimble and spreading your activities seems to be a wise way to go.

I was reminded of my friend Lise Hansen of AHO telling the story of her friend Douglas Bevans. He advised never having any one skill or task or occupation that took up more than half of your time. “What would Douglas do?” is a useful tool.

“I gained a BFA in Printmaking (1970) from San Francisco Art Institute. I pursued a career as an illustrator, first in the US, and from 1985 in London, with clients such as BBC Education, EMI, Harpers magazine, OUP, and Warner Bros. Since the mid 1990s I have combined my freelance practice with part-time teaching at a number of colleges including CSM and ENSAD Paris before taking on my present role at CSM in 2002. I also lecture at the Royal College of Art. A member of Designer Bookbinders, I am a regular presence at London Artist’s Book Fair.”

Zach Gage is someone who has been doing interesting things for a while. I met him at Eyebeam at an OF knitting circle. He is the creator of Spell Tower and part of the team that produced the frankly genius Ridiculous Fishing – the latter being undoubtedly my most played game of recent times.

A pair of choice tweets from Zach:

Zach Gage (@helvetica)
24/03/2013 03:28how did i ever do palettes before this? RT @golan: Beautifully minimal color picker & scheme designer: (big thx@_vade
Zach Gage (@helvetica)
19/02/2013 06:16everyone should read Sol Lewitt’s sentences on conceptual art. I think they’re my religion.…