s[edition] Hacking, The Media Space at the Science Museum, Soundcloud DJ and Stanford Cooling

We at Hellicar&Lewis have been speaking to Sedition about making some films for their digital art platform. I wonder what happens when hackers break into their back end? Would the collectors be mad? I remember the first time that I saw a .torrent file for Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle and thought about how those limited edition laserdisc owners must be feeling. Or if one of the owners digitised it themselves? Or if Barney did?

Keri Elmsly has taken over at The Media Space at the Science Museum in London.

Science Museum Media Space Keri Elmsly

Universal Everything have kicked off the first show there.

In reference to the previous post about 80% of NYC’s carbon footprint being down to air conditioning, Stanford have the solution.

“a typical one-story, single-family house with just 10 percent of its roof covered by radiative cooling panels could offset 35 percent its entire air conditioning needs during the hottest hours of the summer.

Radiative cooling has another profound advantage over other cooling equipment, such as air conditioners. It is a passive technology. It requires no energy. It has no moving parts. It is easy to maintain. You put it on the roof or the sides of buildings and it starts working immediately.”