Strikingly, Le Wei at Google and Openwashing

I read about Strinkgly on Forbes recently – imagine a blogging service that worked like this? A single page that went on forever – it seems it’s just being used for more website content at the moment – path to profitability I suppose.

Le Wei is at Google now – working on Plus apparently. More on the project from Golan Levin’s site.

Karen Day pointed out this Kyle Van Hemert article at Fast Company about Evgeny Morozov‘s recent piece for the Times

“For many institutions, ‘open’ has become the new ‘green.’ And in the same way that companies will ‘greenwash’ their initiatives by invoking eco-friendly window dressing to hide less-palatable practices, there has also emerged a term to describe similar efforts to read ‘openness’ into situations and environments where it doesn’t exist: ‘openwashing.’

Alas, ‘openwashing,’ as catchy as it sounds, only questions the authenticity of ‘open’ initiatives; it doesn’t tell us what kinds of ‘openness,’ if any, are worth pursuing. We must differentiate the many different types of ‘open.'”