Teahupoo, Travis Pastrana and Anthony McCall

I have always been obsessed with putting myself in the moment, and through my work, other people. It’s a very powerful thing to see people forget about their everyday lives and come back to now – which is all we really have.

The world keeps throwing up places that seem to bring out extraordinary performances out of people, seemingly by their very existence. The “because it’s there” syndrome. It’s interesting to contrast Manoa Drollet surfing Teahupoo, and Travis Pastrana playing in his own backyard. Both in the moment, one in a natural environment, and the other in an environment of his own imagining.

The sheer imposing physicality of Teahupoo made me recall an experience I had recently in Anthony McCall’s “A Line Describing a Cone”. The cone being of light didn’t stop it from transporting me into another world, bringing me back to the moment.