The Art challenges the Technology and Technology inspires the Art, Telepresence, XBox AR, PS4 VR and Android Wear

“Hey Pete, You wouldn’t happen to have ancestors in Denmark would you? Also, in what ways has improvement of tools used at Pixar over the years made your life easier, and in what ways harder?

Ja, my mom’s family hails from Denmark! Technology is a great inspiration to us creatively. Getting new software is like getting new toys — you immediately think, “What can I do with this?” And then our stories challenge the software folks to break new ground as well. As John likes to say, “The art challenges the technology, and technology inspires the art.””

Pete Docter on Interviewly (and therefore Reddit).

Telepresence is invading the business world.

Microsoft is working on a headset for Xbox, as well as Sony.

Google Wear is coming too.