Triangles, Books and the 2001 Aliens that almost were

“The Sierpinski Triangle page to end most Sierpinski Triangle pages ™”

Wow. Just wow. If only most webpages were more like this one.

Two books recommended by Jack Dorsey recently:

  1. “The Score Takes Care of Itself” by Bill Walsh.
  2. “The Art Spirit” by Robert Henri.

Bonus: “Dorsey’s Daily List”

Do Don’t
Stay present Drink hard liquor or beer (on weekdays)
Drink only lemon water and red wine Avoid eye contact
Stand up straight Be late
Say hello to everyone Set expectations for someone and not able to meet it
Stand up straight
Meditate on this list
Video journal every single day
7 hours of sleep
6 sets pushups/squats/planks. Run 3 miles

I’m trying to be better at these things. Set expectations for someone and not able to meet it is the one that I struggle with most. Not sure about video journal or meditating on this list.

Designs for Aliens in 2001 that didn’t quite make the grade.