Under the Skin, Multiple Cameras, Framestore, The Path to the Metaverse

One Of Us is a Soho based studio founded in 2006 by co-directors Tom Debenham, Dominic Parker and Rachael Penfold. The company ethos is one of creative intelligence applied through filmmakers’ sensibility, with a focus on design and collaboration.”

As well as doing VFX work, One Of Us have made the One-Cam, which was used by Jonathan Glazer to film “Under the Skin”.

The Making of “Voyeur”, an advert by Glazer for Nike.

An installation by Mike Woods of Framestore has certainly got The Next Web excited.

“…this has the potential to be the breakthrough for cg to take over all media…”

Abrash AND Carmack?


“…presence could tip the balance of the entire industry towards computer entertainment – and towards the pc…”

Here comes the Metaverse.