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Blackberry have open sourced a game engine called GamePlay.

“This is Water” by David Foster Wallace. The value of the totally obvious. The exact same experiences can be completely different to different people. What is true? Or false or bad? What is hardwired? How we construct meaning is an intentional choice. Blind certainty – or the prisoner that doesn’t even realise they are in their cell. Or realising that most things you are sure of are mostly false. The natural self-centred-ness of our existence. How much of a lie that is.  Striving to rid yourself of your self-centredness. The point of a liberal arts education – teaching you how to think? The dangers of over-intellectualisation in ones own head, instead of paying attention to what is going on around you. How to avoid living death. The personal unfairness of selfish stupidity around you – and the necessary effort to understand the stories around you. How to think. How to pay attention. How to experience the burning amazingness of the universe in everything, and deciding to see it – and that being what an education affords you. Everybody worships – the only choice is what to worship. Most things will eat you alive.

Angela Bullochmakes drawing machines and big pixels.

School for Poetic Computation is an artist run school launching this fall in New York. A small group of students and faculty will work closely to explore the intersections of code, design, hardware and theory — focusing especially on artistic intervention. It’s a 10 week program, a hybrid of residency and research group, that will happen multiple times per year to be a powerboost for creativity. Our motto is: more poetry, less demo.

School for Poetic Computation has a FAQ.