I’m sorry Mr. Dunne, I didn’t understand.

I graduated from the Interaction Design MA course (mmm bit-rot) at the Royal College of Art in 2003. After I left, the course was renamed to Design Interactions and taken over by Anthony Dunne of Dunne and Raby.

I didn’t like it. Just when hardware platforms and computer vision and interaction methods were getting really cheap, the course turned towards bio-futures and other visions of the near now, that I thought were just intellectual masterbation. Why don’t we just make the future?

I saw Mr. Dunne speak at What Design Can Do. It was great! I felt the need to apologise to him afterwards. He emphasised schools as places away from commercial pressure, and the idea of making tools for experimenting with ideas – and also how you signal with design that that tools aren’t the final idea.

He presented his Micro Kingdoms project, which set off some interesting ideas in my mind.