New Orleans shootings, Lulzsec, All the way down to the atoms and using Architecture to resist the pressure of Capital

It’s not news, but in America, not all mass shootings are equal.

All the LulzSec team are getting locked up – but not the real criminals. What a waste all round.

“You need the people who want to work at a high level but who can go all the way down to the atoms.”—Ben Fried, March, 2012

Thanks to Mike Kruzeniski for the link.

I’ve seen Rahul Mehrota speak several times. I most recently saw him at What Design Can Do in Amsterdam – where he described his architecture as a tool to resist the pressure of capital. He used several examples but the one that stuck in my mind was the idea of greening the exteriors of corporate buildings – instead of using nets to stop rioters, use a blanket of plants – but also a system that enables eye contact between gardeners and the board. A useful check for both sides of the coin. Also see his Elephant/Human Housing project.