N-Body Choreographies, Camera Lucida, Max Ernst and Instagram

N-body choreographies – the cyclical paths taken by perfect bodies in space. I wonder how many of these are waiting in the universe for us to discover? Beautiful visualisations by James Montaldi.

The NeoLucida from Golan Levin and Pablo Garcia – “a product/provocation with a media-archaeological theme”.

I saw a documentary on Max Ernst recently, the starter of surrealism who described himself as having the “opposite madness to politicians”. He cultivated a respectable exterior and described madness as “a risk worth taking”.


The Fireside Angel is a picture I painted after the defeat of the Republicans in Spain. This is, of course, an ironical title for a kind of clumsy oaf which destroys everything that gets in the way. That was my impression in those days of the things that might happen in the world. And I was right.”

He said that he was never conscious of making art – merely “trying to express the spirit of the the time” and that “fortunately there is no progress in art” – only different ways of doing it.

Finally, the sale of Instagram to Facebook.

 “The sale of Instagram to Facebook for a cool billion in the spring of 2012 was the ultimate Silicon Valley fairy tale: 18 months from launch to offer. But, for co-founder and C.E.O. Kevin Systrom, it was more of a roller-coaster ride, with several missed opportunities, at least two “aha” moments, and one major reboot.”