Xcode for Storyboarding, New Drone Engine, Thiel and Andresson, the Esplora and an open source HTML Game Engine

Via Ben Southworth, how to prototype in XCode from Meng To.

A perfect new drone engine – Ionic Thrusters!

Thoughts on the future of technology from Thiel and Andresson. Why hasn’t technology lived up to its promise? Are we stagnating? Are Dell, IBM, Oracle rust belt tech companies? Could we doing a lot better? AI? Space? Quantum? Next generation life scientists? Was it a cultural decision? Are we all incrementalists now? 

The new board from Arduino, the Esplora, perfect for making games, and a Turbulenz, a HTML5 game engine that has just gone open source.

Or via Diederick Huijbers, a new streaming platform for gaming.