Computational Arts

Session 13: Final discussions before show

In my final tutorial with Julianne we made a new layout for her p5.js visualisation as well as re-organising the code so that different messages could be displayed in different colours. She agreed to redo the voice synthesis code after she’d completed her dissertation. She ordered the Apple Trackpad that we selected together at our last session.

In my final remote tutorial with Diane we discussed her other teaching as well as future curating work. We talked about how she could make a slow panning film of a bitter melon that she found:

As she says on her blog:

Images taken of bitter melon, which for me gives the visual effect of bodily internal landscapes, such as the gut. I will do a slow panning video of this weird fruit, with added agar, gel etc…

I will then do some post production, altering colours etc, and then hope to created a generated mesh work which would appear as a layer on top of the vide. This mesh would connect brightest pixels, or certain pixel values that give the best effect. I found an example of this in ofBook, However they are dealing with a static image.

We decided on three objects for her show piece:

  1. A slow panning film of the above fruit
  2. Agar bags of microbiome bacterial content
  3. A poster of her process and thoughts – possible in digital form


In my final remote tutorial with Jayson we discussed the editing of the video he has created to detail the Crystal Punk mythology he has written, intercutting news content with various crystal growth macro photography.